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hot baths?

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08-02-2016, 08:38 PM
hot baths?
Between 2000 and 2010 there was quite a bit of research and excitement regarding heat shock proteins, molecular chaperones that can affect the folding/misfolding of proteins.

Heat shock protein response can be induced by stress, in particular heat but apparently other types of stress as well. There were studies indicating one of these classes of proteins, hsp70, was quite beneficial in cell cultures and mouse models of Kennedys disease and they were inducing it pharmacologically with high doses of GGA (guranylguranylacetone an anti ulcer medication) which is apparently well tolerated and the summary was that this was a promising treatment and suitable for study in humans.

And then nothing. I'm guessing something bad was later found such as the drug not only stimulating this desirable heat shock protein action but stimulating something else detrimental?

Here's a survey paper regarding potential effects of water immersion therapy at various temperatures and suggests there might be potency in something so simple and basic as taking a bath.

Here are more recent papers that found mice subjected to warm baths showed substantial inducement of hsp70 with beneficial results with respect to diabetes and the resulting nerve damage.

I need to do more research and reading to have an opinion on whether there is a possibility of something therapeutic for us and if so how one might best go about it.

As always, I'd appreciate any input from anyone who may have experience or ideas about this.

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09-01-2016, 01:29 PM
BC Paul
I have always felt better after heat immersion, saunas, hot tubs or fire fighting. It seems to do me good to sweat it out for a while, even if I am totalling exhausted for a while after (yes a high protein snack helps) Once a month I do an Epsom salt soak. Beyond the heat, I believe it aids in stabilizing my magnesium/ calcium balance. If you haven't explored that aspect yet, in muscles, calcium contracts, magnesium relaxes. It can also reduce calcium deposits in damaged muscle and joints. Someone once said KD'rs suffer from muscle spasms, but haven't seen any drug trials using epsom salt baths (maybe cuz ya can buy it in 50lb bags at the feed store)