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Dutasteride; Is it working for you?

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04-15-2013, 11:03 AM
Bob Heitzman
Dutasteride; Is it working for you?
Another aspect that should have been looked at (if it wasn't) was what was the % reduction of DHT across the class. And, what is the proper dosage for KD patients? And also, the expected side effects over decades of use. Finally, does the reduction % of DHT remain steady over time.

There may be some study info ongoing on Avodart usage over the long term, at least there should be some reports on long term side effects.

The Dutasteride Wiki page mentions a study on Avodart 0.5 and 2.5mg study but the trial was suspended. The application being studied was for hair loss. I read some where that the 2.5mg dose reduced DHT 99%, the 0.5mg dose was not much lower (87% if I remember correctly.) A future study question would be are the long term side effects for the increased dosage significant to KD patients balanced against the few percent gain. And - would a 1mg dose result in significant DHT reduction.

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