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EMG for KD

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06-24-2020, 01:32 PM
EMG for KD

If you have KD and a neurologist performs as EMG test is there a particular pattern or signature concordant with KD please?
06-24-2020, 03:11 PM
Yes, there are patterns to EMGs that are suggestive of KD. But the definitive test is the genetic test.
06-29-2020, 01:09 AM
Dan B
This article is rather technical but worth reading in answer to your question.
07-01-2020, 09:48 AM
Thanks for the replies. Will the pattern be the same as ALS or different please?
07-01-2020, 01:07 PM
There are roughly a couple dozen named varieties of ALS. Some named for the cause such as a genetic mutation and others named after a distinguishing pattern of expression. Some look sharply different from KD such as having predominantly upper motor neuron involvement. Others have more in common with bulbar and or lower motor neuron impacts more predominant. KD with a single genetic cause still has a fairly wide range of expression such that some have profound symptoms of androgen insensitivity making KD easier to diagnose while others don't.
08-14-2020, 04:58 PM
Here's a new paper finding a serum myoglobin test may be a good way to diagnose between KD and ALS:

Myoglobin: A new biomarker for spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy?
This study showed that the serum Myo levels increased in all patients with SBMA, but serum Myo levels in all patients with ALS were within the normal range.

It also looks like serum myoglobin may be useful for evaluating KD progression and response to therapies.