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Vitamin D Supplement
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During a recent vision check up I made my eye-doctor aware of the SBMA diagnosis,he asked about vision linkages, which to my knowledge there are none. Later he mentioned that he uses a vitamin D supplement in response to my comment that with Kennedy's Disease there is a greater risks for falls and broken bones he recommended that I consider taking a supplement. I already take a multi-vitamin and it covers the "recommended" daily amount.

My primary care doctor ordered a base line bone scan and I will be seeing him later this week to review the results and therefore will only take some action after getting his input.

I was wondering if anyone in the group has had experience with taking an additional vitamin D supplement.
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Dave, I am sorry that I missed your question earlier. Yes, I take a "D" supplement and have for a couple of years now. Part of my reason is that I have osteoporosis in the left lower leg (it looks like Swiss cheese). It is my understanding that your body has to have plenty of "D" for it to absorb calcium ... something else I take more of.

My ophthalmologist said that KD could have some impact on my eye muscles. He monitors it annually.
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i had a bone scan several weeks ago.i do not have osteoporosis, but my left hip has a bit less density than the doctor would like. so she put me on a vitamin D supplement,
i take 50,000 IU every monday.
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I need to know what is the right proportion in which vitamin D should be taken...

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How are the spammers getting in here?

Anyway, my husband also has osteoporosis pretty badly and had a vitamin D deficiency on his tests so yes, he does take vitamin D daily.

Wonder if osteoporosis is part of KD?
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Two different neurologists familiar with KD said that osteoporosis is not a symptom. It does show up however because testosterone levels decline along with a slowing of normal weight bearing activities that keep the bones strong. That is another reason why you need to continue to stand and walk (safely) as long as you can as well as perform weight bearing exercises.

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Muscles only strengthen if you stress them (ie work out). If you do not stress them, they get weaker. Bones are the same way. If you do not put stress on them, they have a tendency to get weaker. Astronauts lose both muscle tone and bone density when in space. This is why they have to exercise for hours a day when in space else they would not be able to stand or walk when returning to earth.

Concerning how much vit D to take, consult a physician or nutritionist because you can take too much. You can OD on vitamin D!
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Vitamin D is found in many dietary sources, such as fish, eggs,etc If you are gym person then you need Vitamin D .Basically Vitamin full fill your loss energy and supply energy to your blood vessels .

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Indeed Vitamin D is very useful and required for your body as it has many advantages and gives you the energy. But i had heard that more intake of Vitamin D causes to generate stones in kidney which is very harmful. Is it true?
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Hi James,

There was a recent article published in which they studied the benefits and risks of vitamin D - a newspaper report about it can be found at http://www.washingtonpost.com/...gJQATLNGbV_blog.html.

What the researchers conclude is that for healthy individuals (and in this study, they were all women), they do not apparently help in preventing fractures. It is not clear if this result if applicable to men or individuals who have a high risk of falling. The wisest course of action is to confer with your physician.
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In Canada, for several months of the year, the sun is too low on the horizon for the body to fix vitamin D, even if you spent all day outdoors (plus, not much skin exposed outdoors in the winter). My physician advises vitamin D during the winter.
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Dave, I have taken a Vitamin D Supplement 1000-2000 IU's a day for years to try and keep my Vitamin D level in the normal range which is around 30-100 ng/ml. When I didn't take it. My finger and toe joints would hurt more and become stiff. Not sure if the Kennedy Disease is causing my low levels of Vitamin D but a Rheumatologist told me to take this much. I still barely register in the normal range for Vitamin D. You can ask your Dr to test your "D" level and then you will know for sure.
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Vitamin D3 is not only a vitamin at all but a necessary hormone that effects the immune system, bones & nearly every aspect of health. Having low Vitamin D levels greatly increases risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, MS & being deficient can create or greatly exacerbate health problems.

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Hello Guys i think that vitamin D is a high potency and there's no need to be taking extra vitamin D unless prescribed by a doctor.Thanks a lot!!

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Just my two cents on the subject, but here is an interesting article on vitamin D supplementation. http://www.vitamindcouncil.org...n-d-supplementation/

Read the article and click on the reference links at the end for additional information. Talk to your doctor and have your level tested. I did and I am now taking 5000IU of viatmin D daily. My most recent vitamin D level was 43. That is above the low limit of 30 and well below the high limit of 100. Again talk to your Doc and have your level tested. Everyone responds differently to medications and what one person is taking may not be right for you.
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