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Foods that make me choke
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We got on the subject of foods and choking during a recent chat and I was asked to put my list on the forum. This list is duplicated on the "How are you dealing with Kennedy's Disease in your life?" forum.

Over the years I have found that certain foods cause me to choke whenever I eat them. Taking smaller bites and chewing longer are not much help. Even drinking a beverage to wash the food down does not work entirely. I came to the conclusion it was more due to the size, type and texture of the food. This is from my hand-written list I provided during my hospital and rehabilitation center stay last year. The two swallow studies I have had seem to support my conclusions. This is the short list version. I also have a long list if anyone is interested.

Hot food should be served and eaten hot. Once it gets cold, it becomes a problem. May need to be reheated.

Nuts, grains, or seeds
Anything with nuts, grains or seeds is difficult to swallow.
Fruits and Vegetables – Berries, broccoli, cucumber, tomato
Bread or buns with sesame seeds, caraway seeds
Desserts, snacks, salads – often include other items I cannot eat too
No rice at all – too small to manage
Cold cereals

Skins on some fruits and vegetables can cause a problem
Apple, peach
Navy beans, kidney beans, corn, cucumber
Some meats - Sausage and hot dogs with the skin – get skinless

Dry or chewy
Any meats if over-cooked - beef, pork, chicken…
I get tired when chewing and risk of choking increases
Eggs – yolk is dry if fried, hard-boiled or scrambled

Fruits and vegetables – pineapple and celery, lettuce, spinach; green beans unless cooked
Melted cheese – Mozzarella and Muenster are the worst
Beef can be stringy

Breads, cakes, cookies, chips, popcorn, toast
Coatings on meat, poultry and seafood – crispy or cornmeal
Vegetables – cauliflower, onion – tend to break apart into smaller pieces

Candy and desserts with caramel
Beans - Navy, Kidney, Lima
Melted cheeses

Anything that is too spicy due to seasonings or sauces
Chili – Cayenne pepper, hot peppers. Kidney beans, onions and hamburger make it a deadly combination

Some typical foods prepared with any of the items above that can induce a choking episode. I either have to remove the item or not eat the dish.
Pastas – meat – hamburger or Italian sausage, cheese
Potato salad – egg, onion, relish
Salad – fruits or vegetables on the list
Soups and stews – may have rice, onion or celery
Chicken or Tuna salad – onion or relish
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Hello Guys i think that people could use typical sense! You can choke on just about any meals. If you are able to reproduce,You should be able to determine the factors that are formed like a person's which may be able to get filed in there more quickly than other shapes.Thanks a lot for sharing!!

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I'm truly stuck you folks, I'm 22, male, and lead a really sound lifestyle until in the ballpark of 3 months back when i all of a sudden simply couldn't swallow... it dosn't matter assuming that its fluid or strong. Specialists obviously think i'm insane, all tests fine- barium swallow, ct examine and so on. Legitimately I'm surrendering trust I'm not restless what so ever yet i cherish how specialists affection at fault that for everything. I begin school in a few weeks and don't think i'll make it Please if anybody can bail me resolve an answer i would significantly like it. Much obliged.
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That's so nice of you all.

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That's so nice of you all. As you all are taking so care about your health. As far as we take care of our healthy eating habits still we get ill many of the time. This might be because we skip covering the foods like an apple or other things on which pests like rats, mice can drop their droppings this could also be the reason for choking inside. as rat droppings cause a choking problem if it gets inhaled. To avoid this, one must contact pest control nj.

Carl G Reese
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