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Travel Scoot
Registered: 10-22-2005
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Check out this light weight scooter. Just the thing for travel or not quite ready for a full-on power chair. Travel Scoot
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Location: Arizona
Registered: 10-06-2010
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Looks like a nice little scooter. Love how the video shows the guy getting up and carrying it up and down steps! Thirty-five pounds is too much for most KD patients, isn't it?

Not too bad of a price either : )
Registered: 08-02-2009
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At last year's KDA conference, there was a gentleman who had a TravelScoot, and he said he liked it very much. I had a chance to check it out, and it looked to be sturdy and well-made.

He mentioned a significant advantage is that it's easier to travel on the airlines, because the TravelScoot can be folded up, put in a case, and door checked, which is easier to manage than other power chairs.
Registered: 11-25-2013
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Hello All, I am the caregiver for a wonderful gentleman who has Kennedy's. In hopes of improving his quality of life, I constantly do research looking for new products, etc. As a result, one of the products that we ended up purchasing for him is the TravelScoot. He has had it for almost two years now and he absolutely LOVES it! It is light weight enough for me to lift with ease and yes, it does have the ability to fold for placement into a travel bag. It's pretty zippy and actually a lot of fun to use. It does, however, attract TONS of attention everywhere we go, which is sometimes inconvenient as we often answer a lot of questions from people who stop us. The folks who sell this scoot are very attentive and responsive any time we contact them. I highly reccommend the TravelScoot.

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Registered: 01-27-2014
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Travel Scoot is a very useful and affective things.. Finally year's KDA gathering, there was a courteous fellow who had a Travelscoot, and he said he loved it a whole lot. I had an opportunity to look at it, and it looked to be durable and well-made.
Registered: 05-18-2009
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I've had a Travel Scoot for about a year. Love it. Have not taken it on a plane yet but hope to soon. It fits in the back of a hatchback car just by sliding the steering column down. It weighs about 35 pounds with the lithium battery attached so it is a bit heavy for me to lift alone but not impossible if one is careful. Very well made.
Registered: 07-08-2017
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I have gone through Travel Scoot, this seems to be very attractive and interesting one. A few days ago one of my neighbour met with an accident and got fractured in their left leg, ankle, so couldn't able to walk or even stand properly without any assistance. As he is the only man earning for the family he can't stay idle at home, and needs to continue his job. So his doctor recommended him to travel using mobility scooter or wheelchairs. While searching for mobility scooter he came across Spin life a renowned online store which uses to sell variety of wheelchairs and mobility scooters of high quality and comfortable for a disabled person.
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Registered: 08-22-2017
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I wish these were more common in clinical settings! So often I have seen people in scooters that were too heavy and too supportive (sounds weird but you know what I mean) for their functional levels.

That being said, I highly recommend that users are evaluated by a physician if they are considering this option.
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