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Osteoporosis - successful supplement

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04-10-2014, 08:06 PM
Bob Heitzman
Osteoporosis - successful supplement
About this time last year I had a bone density scan and "failed" with a -3.2, well into the Osteoporosis region. The tech that did the test suggested New Chapter's Bone Strength.


This year the scan return -1.9! Well out of the osteoporosis Dx region but improvement is still needed.

I just did the $40 heal screen test and didn't do the high end CAT-like scanner stuff, but I have faith in the screen.

The NC Bone Strength is not cheap but I like their source of calcium and the other supplements included in the doses. I did some research on other supplements but didn't find anything that looked as good as the NC product. When I started the instructions were for 2 pills at lunch and 1 at supper. Since then some studies have suggested a larger dose late in the day is the better approach. So I'm now using 1 at lunch and 2 after supper.

Of course weight bearing exercise is also recommended, but...

I was pleasantly surprised that the supplement was so successful.

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