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Unintentional Exercise
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I don’t engage in exercise intentionally but I still work (9-5 most days) so I keep moving, which I think is critical. I can still sit/stead of from high chairs (22” +/-) but can’t do stairs or curbs any more.

By grand design I am living in a spot where I have to use a steep ramp with about 12 feet of elevation change. I climb out in the morning and climb back down (not as easy as it sounds) after work. I haven’t made measurements but I’d guess the main part of the ramp is 10:1 or steeper (12:1 is recommended) plus at each end there is a steeper section with about 5’ of travel, one end on a radius. Overall it is a poor design for a ramp, but is great as a daily PT challenge for me.

I really believe this daily challenge has kept me mobile.

God works in mysterious ways!

I’m not sure how I will replace my unintentional exercise when I move.

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I know a woman who is a physical therapist, and she strongly discourages her aging patients (not KD patients) from purchasing those electric scooter chairs. She says: "Once you sit down in a scooter, you will never get up again." What she means is that, without the daily exercise of walking around, they rapidly grow weaker and frailer.

The point is, you are absolutely right that it is essential to work exercise into your daily activities.
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Dan, I am not certain your PT is totally correct. If someone doesn't exercise at all, than giving them a wheelchair will just allow them to be more mobile, but they still are not going to exercise. I, on the other hand, have exercised all my life and enjoy exercising.

I use a wheelchair and have for a few years. My doctor recommended that I use a chair because several falls over a couple of years caused broken bones ... one very severe. Even though I use a wheelchair for most of my getting around, I still exercise every day. Every other day I exercise for an hour including walking, leg-lifts, light weight training, etc. I feel my legs are stronger now than a couple of years ago. In my opinion, the key is to remain safe and continue exercising ... no matter how mobile you are.

And, yes, if you do not need a wheelchair or scooter to remain mobile, then you shouldn't use one. But, if you are constantly falling, then it is time to reevaluate your need to be walking all the time.

By the way, my PT helped me design the exercise guide that I published back in January. I have only missed one day of exercise in the last eight months and I really enjoy the feeling and results.
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