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Woman and Kennedy's
Registered: 04-06-2008
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My father was diagnosed and died as a result of the symptoms of Kennedy's 7 years ago. I of course am positive as well. I had three children. All girls. 1 of the 3 is also positive.
I am wondering about the information that seems to indicate that woman may also have symptoms.
I have been suffering the past couple of years with some pretty nasty spasms of the large muscles and small ones to a lesser degree. How am I to know if these are a result of Kennedy's or something lacking in my diet, say? Are there other symptoms that would lead a doctor to conclude that I have Kennedeys' symptoms. Where would I find further info about woman who are symptomatic?
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As I mentioned in my other post, I just moved from Indiana to Idaho, this move included a two day trip across the U.S. in our minivan. My mother drove, because driving tends to wear me out and she and my wife refused to listen to my assertions that I could do it. (My wounded pride and subsequent pouting are for another forum).

But, as I spent the 48 hours with my mother, I noticed some things that make wonder if refering to women simply as carriers is accurate. I know that this comes up from time to time, but here were my observations.

1. My mother wears an inflatable ring to support her head when in a car, both when driving or riding.
(She told me that her neck cramps painfully if she doesn't. Often she wore not only when in the car but into restuarants and hotels as well.)

2. My mother drives one handed and switches hands periodically.
(I noticed this as a compensation technique that I use. Holding onto the steering wheel and turning it tires my arms, so I drive one handed, resting the opposite hand and then switch when the driving arm becomes tired)

3. My mother suffers from cramps in her legs, arms, shoulders, and neck when she sleeps.
(Again, I suffer from the same type of cramps if I don't take a muscle relaxer before bed).

4. My mother suffers from significant back pain if she uses chairs that only come up to the middle of her back and are not full back chairs.

I know that this discussion comes up from time to time. I know that my mother's symptoms started much later that mine, I am 40, she is 61. But it seems to me after refering to her simply as a carrier minimizes the limitations and suffering that she is experiencing.


Pocatello Jim
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