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Japan Update
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Recently, my wife had the chance to communicate with Dr. Gen Sobue who happens to be a top authority in the field of neurology in Japan. He has written several papers on both ALS and Kennedy's.

Anyway, here's a copy of the email he sent us:

Dear Madam,

Thank you for your interest in our works.

As you may know, we have been testing leuprorelin acetate
on Kennedy disease (KD) patients in a multicentric clinical trial in
because this drug showed a potent therapeutic effect in a mouse model
of KD.

In the mouse model, we have also been testing
various agents such as heat shock protein modulators,
some of which demonstrated therapeutic effects in mice.

In addition, in US, several compounds have been tested on
Huntington's disease, a polyglutamine disease which shares
molecular pathogenesis with KD.
If the results of clinical trials for these agents are positive,
they may be applied to KD as well.

We believe that the results of basic research will be translated
to the clinics in the not too distant future.
Please keep your chin up.


Gen Sobue

The reason I'm posting this email is because he mentions something about a heat shock protein modulator. Anyone ever heard of this?

I like the way he ends the email where he mentions he believes their work may go into clinics soon.

BTW, how does he know that due to my weak neck muscles, I have trouble keeping my chin up?

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