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Esophageal Dilation
Location: desert hot springs
Registered: 01-11-2019
Posts: 8
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Has anyone had problems or experience with esophageal dilation? I have had to have my esophagus dilated once and will probably have to have it again soon, as I cannot get food to go down hardly at all, and I do choke often. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions/experiences that have helped.
thanks much,
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Location: Chicago, IL
Registered: 01-18-2008
Posts: 205
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Pierre, I've also had trouble with choking.
Years ago it was much worse but rarely bothers me now. In the past I would choke on rather small things such as pills when they didn't smoothly wash down with water and would somehow manage to get stuck at the back of my throat.

I've never heard of esophageal dilation although my problem never got bad enough for me to seek treatment. I hope you report back on how this treatment works out for when I or others find ourselves in the same situation.

Lately the only times I choke is when I get an involuntary contraction that moves food to the back of my mouth and initiates swallowing a larger piece of food that I wanted to continue chewing. We got a knife sharpener and with sharp knives I can readily cut my food into swallowable sized pieces so even when I have a chewing failure I don't get into too much trouble.
Location: desert hot springs
Registered: 01-11-2019
Posts: 8
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Thanks Todd, I will certainly post updates as I get them. I have an appointment with my doctor early January to assess the problem.
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