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Recent Testing Results
Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico
Registered: 02-25-2007
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Howdy Folks! Well nuts are growing well here in Las Cruces,NM despite drought. Harvest hopefully goes well this season. I am writing to tell you about my health going south, towards hell, for about two years straight. I went to Mayo in MN last year Sept., had my gallbladder out in Oct. 2010 (NM), and was too sick to go back and finish testing at Mayo (MN). I really could not eat, drink cold or hot liquids, etc. on most days. I went into University TX Tech Health Science CTR in El Paso, TX for Esophageal Manometry study. We had to abort test due to Esophagus wouldn't calm down to give a 30 second read. It felt like an anaconda snake that had just eaten an elephant was pushed down my throat! When asked to drink squirts of water, the nurse said did you swallow? 3 times asked and it would not register. Then she said that's weird, now it's registering you are sipping, but you are not. I told her it's cuz I'm gonna barf...and did. 1 month later the Dr. could not find any test results, was going to do another Barium swallow 2 weeks away when I said I am going to Mayo. He said you either have something or not, this is not Rocket Science so go now and do the swallow study. One swallow and the radiologist said that I have classic Achalasia.(About 5 people started following me cuz I'm rare or something?!) The following Tuesday we did ballon dialation (it hurt) and I can finally eat and drink a bit more than usual. I cancelled the Mayo but will get results up there. I prayed that it present itself so I am not thought of as crazy...and it did. So far I have gained back a few pounds, very little problems, but I have way more energy. I am a bit happier and have the ability to somewhat catch up with my 4 kids. I felt like I was dying...no nutrition, dehydrated and lots of pain from other congenital back and neck stuff. But they found it! Don't give up women if you feel like docs look at ya like you're crazy. I am happy that I am not throwing up everyday, can go to restaurants without running to bathroom to puke, etc. So my saga continues. My husbands nuts should be good this year Smiler...maybe it will pay for all my testing! Thank you to Drs. McCallum and Hernandez & Radiology Dept. at UMC El Paso, TX. Love you guys. Never, never give up trying to find answers! Hang in there men!
Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico
Registered: 02-25-2007
Posts: 30
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Good day all! Update on Achalasia. I was presented at some Doctor's Convention about my conditions and could KD be reason for my nerves dying in esophagus, but not one doctor had heard of KD but said because others get achalasia they thought it was another unexplainable reason. Which made me happy to know that KD was mentioned because more doctors are looking it up and beginning to study what it is and maybe someday it might spark ADA to make special bathrooms that you guys could use so you don't lose balance and break your noses! Hopefully, someday better treatments could emerge just by talking about this disease by docs who have never heard of it! As for me I know that I have a narrowing in the upper part of throat that makes it hard to swallow certain foods but am able to eat better as long as I am standing or sitting as straight as possible with lots of liquids nearby. My pain in spine and really all over makes me feel as if hit by a bus everyday. But I everyday is a new day and I do the best I can to catch up to 4 kids! I truly pray that 2012 goes better for all of you and your family members. Remember some little nut in Las Cruces loves you all for trying to make life one day at a time!! Personally, nut harvest finished about late February/early March. Now we get to try and water...what water? Life is Nuts...especially when you marry the farmer!!!
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I have just mailed this information to some of my needy friends.I will also upload this information to my face book group.

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