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Screw Loose!
Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico
Registered: 02-25-2007
Posts: 30
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Hi KD folks. Just wanted to let you all know that doctors have found that I have a screw loose! Yup! I knew someday someone would discover my real problem!(Ha!) I had a spinal fusion on L-5, S-1 about 7 years ago. Increasing pain, weakness, etc. was keeping me from many activities. I kept wondering if KD symptoms were increasing because of the way my muscles were reacting. An MRI revealed the culprit. So surgery is in the near future. I do believe that some of my KD stuff is flaring up. My voice is getting worse, swallowing problems and overall weakness are kicking my fanny. But the good news...I have lost weight because I can't eat right. (I consider that a bonus!!) Kidding of course, I do have to be careful. My food is getting stuck and seems to sit in my throat, and that makes me want to barf! Now that you are reading this Happy New Year everyone! May 2010 bring laughter & love to all!
Registered: 11-09-2009
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Hi Lori, may Allah be with you,and bless you with health and happiness.Is there no other alternative to surgery? Surgery has a a lot of complications.
wish you the best
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Registered: 09-28-2005
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Lori, thanks for sharing. I hope everything works out.

I would recommend swallowing exercises. They have really helped me over the last few years.

Let us know how things turned out after the surgery.
Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico
Registered: 02-25-2007
Posts: 30
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A second opinion revealed that my first doc is correct along with my lower joint below S-1 is squishing nerves. This area is inoperable. Dr. suggested injections into lower joint but must test cuz I am allergic to some of the meds they have used in the past. I will test next week then go from there. No surgery at this time unless L-4 decreases more. For some reason I have felt a little better. (I'll take it!). So I played a little basketball with large son...bedrest for the next three days followed. I won a game of pig! Got to spend time with son...did not regret pain! May I suggest playing a game with someone you love. Make it anything as long as you have fun!
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