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Andy is chocking a lot now when he eats and it is taking a lot out of him.
has anyone had to be tube fed because of choking too much?
what foods have you found easier to eat.
sure could use some ideas on this.
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The biggest issue is too large a bite or too large a piece of meat. Cutting the pieces into much smaller pieces will go a long way in helping. Taking smaller bites and fully chewing each piece will help even further. Meat is the most difficult to swallow ... especially beef products. Another option is to use a blender or food processer for specific food that is enjoyed but difficult to swallow. Finally, practice the swallowing exercises provided in the exercise guide. Do them every day and you will see a difference. At first ten swallows is difficult, but over time it becomes easier and so does swallowing food.

Good Luck,
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I experience choking all the time. In fact I just figure it's gonna happen. Bruce is correct about the smaller bites and slower eating. I always thought I must be a gluttonous pig because I choked, but then again I choke on my own spit, too :-) The big danger in this as far as I can see (besides the obvious) is aspiraton into the lungs. I do get pneumonia every now and then and it always follows the same path -- usually after a bout of choking and getting liquid into my lungs. I had the pneumonia shot and that really reduced the amount of times I was getting it.
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