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Sex drive and KD
Registered: 10-09-2006
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One consequence of Kennedy's diesease is decreased libido. The usual treatment, testosterone, doesn't work and in fact can speed the progression of the disease. Has anyone worked with a doctor who has found a successful treatment for this problem? What is it?
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Registered: 09-30-2005
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This is a tough one...

In my opinion, since KD affects mostly males, talking about decreased libido is not something most of us feel comfortable discussing (male ego??).

How about creating a "generic" id which anyone can use without revealing his/her true identity? Is that possible? It doesn't necessarily need to be isolated to this subject but other areas where the user may want some privacy.

Just a thought...
Registered: 11-23-2006
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MSN does not support status - click here for the profile.
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Viagra works quite well for me (age 58 now)
Registered: 01-19-2008
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I will be bold and respond to this post as this is an issue that is a major concern for my wife and I at present. I have had my KD diagnosis for 9 years now, I am 47 years old. In the past two years I have seen a significant decrease in my interest in sexual intimacy, but if truth were to be known, I have had a relatively low interest most of my adult life.

Since KD causes the Testosterone in our bodies to not be absorbed, it only makes sense that the libido would be affected...unfortunately as the original post alludes to, testosterone injections will do no good as we are not deficient in the hormone, our androgen receptors just cannot grab onto it.

I have not tried Viagra, but have Cialis, and that has certainly helped with being able to maintain an erection once aroused, but these drugs do not increase libido. If anyone has found anything that helps in this area, that would be great.

One other complication I have experienced is a significant loss of sensation in many areas of my body. Most acute in my hands and feet. Unfortunately this decrease in sensation has also affected my penis, which can be frustrating and challenging.

Hope no-one is offended by my frankness...trying to help and be helped

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Registered: 09-28-2005
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DB, I also hope no one takes offense to your comments and thoughts because this is a subject near and dear to all of us and our spouses.

I am aware of several men with KD that take Viagra and they say it works for what it was intended. The only word of caution is that is can raise your blood pressure and for those with high blood pressure this should be a warning sign. Consult with your family doctor ...

Loss of sensitivity is an issue many of us experience also and that takes away from the intimacy equation. I believe the more this is discussed the better we all are for it.

Someone also mentioned using an anonymous name to respond to these type discussions. That capability exists today within this forum. Please contact Terry Waite ( [URL=info@kennedysdisease.org ]info@kennedysdisease.org [/URL] info@kennedysdisease.org ) for additional instructions as to how to sign in anonymously.
Registered: 01-19-2008
Posts: 13
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Bruce, I appreciate the infomation about the ability to be anonymous when in these forums, but I really am not worried about that.

Blood pressure is not an issue for me, but again thanks for the alert.

I have an appointment in a couple of weeks to discuss these sexuality issues with a Urologist...If I learn anything of value I will pass it along.
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