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Early Symptoms?
Registered: 12-11-2022
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Hello all,

New here. Just reaching out to see if my symptoms align with KD. Here are my symptoms:

-intermittent slurred speech, started last winter/spring
-post nasal drip started around the same time, still have it
-twitching bodywide, including face/jaw
-dysphagia, confirmed by barium swallow in October which showed laryngeal penetration due to tongue weakness.

ENT says tongue weakness may be attributable to neuromuscular disorder. Seen a couple neuromuscular specialists and had a few EMGs, all normal to this point.

Odd thing is, this week I started having some Gynecomastia out of nowhere. I had it when I was younger but there was a plausible cause for it back then. This time it just started randomly.

I guess my question is, can KD start in bulbar region? I understand it affects the whole body to some extent, but how common/rare is it to present like this?

Thanks in advance,
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