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Tax Season is Upon Us!!!
Location: San Francisco, California
Registered: 09-30-2005
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Hello everyone...

With just a few months before turning most if not all our 2005 earnings over to the Feds/State, I thought it'd be beneficial if anyone had any suggestions on how to alleviate the crucial blow.

I'm fairly familiar with most of the standard deductions (but always looking to learn more) and I'm actually keying on deductions/credits specially keyed towards us disabled folks.

Suggestions are encouraged...
Location: San Luis Obispo CA
Registered: 10-10-2005
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I only have questions....

I have recently moved to a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE - California) because I was living alone, had a fall, broke my fibula, and needed assistance to live. I don't have local family and do not think it is safe to live alone again nor do I have the ability to do shopping and meal prep. I have decided to remain in the RCFE for the foreseeable future.

My question is is the $120/day I am paying at all deductible as a medical expense for IRS purposes? I do need help with some transfers and to take a shower so I think that may qualify as the two ADLs needed for the definition of the chronically ill.

Does anyone have insight as to the deductibility of RCFE expenses?

I have not left work as fully disabled yet but I expect that may happen before the end of 2007. My Doc seems to think I would easily qualify for Social Security Disability.

Any info would be appreciated.


email:rheitzman at gmail
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Registered: 09-28-2005
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Bob, I am not certain about your tax question and recommend that you contact the IRS directly for an answer.

Reference Soc. Sec. Disability, if you work with your doctor ahead of time and have the proper documentation, SS-D should not be an issue. I might recommend that you review the document I prepared after I received SS-D and Medicare almost immediately (without any denials). It can be found at the following link: SS-D Application Process. Serveral people have used the process successfully over the last couple of years.

If you do find out anything from the IRS or another party, please share it with us for others that might need this information in the future.

Good Luck!
Location: San Francisco, California
Registered: 09-30-2005
Posts: 29
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Although it may not answer your specific question, the latest version of Quest (published by the MDA) has an article based on Disability Tax Breaks. It's actually pretty interesting reading!!!
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