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Low Dose Naltrexone ???
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One of my MS friends sent this to me and it appears to help symtoms of ALS, MS and Parkinson's. Since Kennedy's is simular in nature, has anyone taken this or asked your Dr about this? I am going to my Dr. the last of this month and ask him about it. On paper, it looks good?
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I check with one of our Scientific Review Board to see if they know anything about the drug. Once I hear back, I will post the answer.
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Registered: 09-28-2005
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We received the following response from Dr. Fischbeck. I hope this helps.

Fischbeck, Kenneth (NIH/NINDS) [E] wrote:
> There is no evidence that naltrexone is safe and effective treatment for Kennedy's disease. Also, I can find no published evidence that it works for ALS, and only anecdotal reports for MS and Parkinson's disease. It's only approved use is for alcohol dependence. It is potentially risky, in that at high doses it can cause liver damage. So I certainly don't recommend its use for KD.
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Hi, I would not say its good or bad.

I use it against my pain and depressions.
Naltrexone is a pure opioidrezeptor antagonist. That means it bocks the OR, make a very lil funktion but not like, when your owen endorphienes ( sorry dont know by some word, how they are written in english) act on it.

OR are for mood and pain..and some other things. If you take morphins or dink very often alk, the body will downregulate the levels of the OR and of your owen endorphines, because he get it from outside. You need more and more, so you get used o it. But Nalterxone blocks now the OR and what happens than is, that the body wil raise the OR levels and of you body owen wellbeeing hormons. normaly you give all 2 day 50mg...low dose, you can give also all 2 days but only 3 mg. yes, this is nothing, but it will do the same, but in a carefull way, it will raise the OR levels and the produktion on the owen endorphines. You will feel better mentaly, What does it do, it works (for me) perfekt against depressions. It should raise the immunsystem, (havent seen no dif.) It raises androgens by raising GABA. Ok I took 3mg all 2 days, my depressions went much better, pain was better mood was great. But, on the sexual side things get a lil worse for me I did not see any negativ or positiv on my muscles. Because of the fact, that it raises the androgens, I also would say, I do not recommend it atm. Some people with PFS say it makes them in everthing 10-20% better and some have seen no response.

hope this helps.
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