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Lap Swimming
Registered: 02-21-2021
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I started experiencing KD symptoms in 2014 but it took 5 years and thousands of dollars in copays for MRIs, EMGs and other procedures before I found the right neurologist that confirmed my KD diagnosis in 2019. As someone who was into weightlifting, I was unknowingly damaging my muscles until my diagnosis. To maintain the muscularity I have left, I have been lap swimming 3 days a week for approx 40 mins a session. Although I'm by far the slowest swimmer in the pool, the effect is amazing for maintaining my current muscularity & slow the spread of the disease. Plus of course the aerobic benefit.
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Hi Jon, welcome to the forums. I'm jealous of your swimming, my local pools have been closed since last April due to covid-19. But without access to pools I've doubled down on weightlifting and it is working out well for me. The key for me has been tracking my performance and recovery time. I try to limit my sessions in duration such that I'm well recovered in a day or two at most. Many recommend not pushing too hard and keeping some strength in reserve but I've been getting good results incorporating all out 100% efforts in every exercise session but keeping it brief and resting or stopping when I fatigue too much to maintain good form.
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