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Weakness After Fall?
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I fell yesterday. My kids were swimming with their cousins at a local hotel and I was in the lobby bathroom. As I exited the stall, I slipped on some water and fell, I caught myself with my hands on the wall and thought it was going to be a near miss, but before I could get my balance, my arms gave out. I fell face first against the wall, then my knees and elbows hit the floor, followed by my nose. I bloodied my nose, bruised my left knee and elbow badly and my dignity, as I sat on a wet bathroom floor waiting for help to come.

My question is this, "Is it normal to feel significantly weaker the day after a fall?" My tremors are worse today and getting up and down and moving all seem harder today. "So, is this normal?"


Pocatello Jim
Registered: 10-22-2005
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I find any traumatic stress knocks me back for a couple of days; seems to take a while to get back to what passes for normal 8-).
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I've experienced a couple of falls over the years and in some cases I overdid it when doing some activities. In each case I was "wiped-out" for a couple of days afterward.

When I fell, the instinctive respone was to try and stop it or reduce the damage as you did. This caused me to strain and overextend muscles more than I would.

One incident involved me taking a header down the basement stairs. I put out my arms to try and break the fall, but it wasn't enough. I ended up in the emergency room getting six stitches in my chin. X-rays were clear, but my arms, shoulders, neck and back ached for a couple of days.

Working too hard and trying to do too much work in one day had similar effects. I worked my muscles past where I should have.

I would be concerned, especially if it feels worse, or does not get better in a couple of days,and see a doctor to find out if you tore a ligament or did other damage. Hopefully, all you damaged was your dignity.


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This is a great subject and one I have commented about in my blog. Yes, I feel that after a fall I am wiped out and also more susceptible to have another fall.

I commented that falls usually happen in three for me.

It is also not uncommon for me to feel wiped out for some time after a fall.

Good Topic!
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Funny you should mention that your falls happens in three. Same here!!!

I too get pretty wiped out immediately after the falls. If it's a big one, I even experience body shakes, but lucky for me, I'm normally OK after a day or two.

When I began falling, I used to put a lot of effort in trying to remain upright and avoid falling but in the process would end up getting hurt pretty badly. These days, I've resigned myself to just accept the fall and use those precious semi-seconds to try to prepare myself and protect my head/body by "aiming" my fall where it won't hurt as much. I try to cushion the fall by using my arms as much as possible but normally end up hitting my knees first, followed by the rest of the body.

Would appreciate any suggestions on how to make these fall less painful...
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Registered: 09-28-2005
Posts: 654
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When you figure out the answer, please let all of us know. Smiler

I have been told to not tense up. I haven't figured out how to do that yet.
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