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Weak Back
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Registered: 10-02-2010
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Hello. New here. 45 y/o diagnosed in '89. I'm still pretty mobile and walk with a cane only. I hurt my back about 6 weeks ago carrying heavy bags (stupid!). Nothing major, just pain/discomfort for a few days. Once the pain went away, it seems like I can't recover from the weakness in my back even today. I used to be able to walk hundreds of yards limited only by my eventual leg/hip fatigue. I would rest for 20 minutes then be fine for another walk. Now it seems my back weakness it limiting me greatly. Like my back can't support my upper body (I'm 5'11", 195 lbs so it's not a weight issue). I'm concerned why I'm not recovering. I didn't think my back muscles would be affected by KD and just want to be back as I was before I hurt my back.
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Mike, Have you discussed this issue with your doctor?

Weakness in the back can be related to the abdominal muscles also. You might need to do some strengthening exercises ... if your doctor agrees it might help. Sit-ups, stretches, leg lifts, etc. can help strengthen the abdominal and back muscles.

Your doctor might even recommend a physical therapist that can evaluate your needs and develop an exercise program you can use for years.

Get the weakness checked out before proceeding with any program because it might be related to something other than KD.

Reference back weakness, as my KD progresses, I find it more difficult to use the back muscles. I exercise every day and my back/abdominal exercises are performed three times a week.

I hope this helps.
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