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Swallowing and Phlegm
Registered: 01-11-2019
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Me again. Still no diagnosis. The rheumatologist has now transferred me to see a neurologist. However, im now not scheduled to see him until the end of June. I asked the rheumatologist if he would do the gene test but he wouldn’t so I will have to wait until the end of June.

Since I was last on here I have noticed my swallowing feels like it’s gotten worse. It feels like there is a constant lump in my throat that I just can get rid off. If I cough enough I can bring up phlegm so I’m wondering if that is what is clogging my throat. I’m finding I’m constantly swallowing trying to get it down. I have no problem coughing, I do have a good strong cough. I also have no problems with my tongue or with chewing.

Is it usual for someone with KD to struggle with swallowing quite early in the disease?

With swallowing problems with KD, is phlegm usually a problem? I can eat fine, no problems with choking and food goes down ok, but I just can’t get my throat to clear. Another thing I have noticed is that if I eat dry food I have to chase it down with a drink as it feels like my throat muscles just can’t force it all down.

I also feel pressure just underneath my Adam’s apple. At night i have to have a drink by my bed and some days I have to fall asleep sat up when it feels extra clogged.

I’ve had an endoscopy last year and nothing was found although I do have a large hiatus hernia. I’m currently taking pronteprazole as my doc thought it may be acid reflux causing the throat problem but I think it’s more to do with phlegm in my throat as the medication has not done anything.

I’m worried this is only going to get worse. My skeletal muscles have not really got any worse in the few months since I last posted but my swallowing definitely has.

I can’t understand why I would have phlegm in my throat when I don’t have a cold or an infection. Is it normal to get phlegm with KD early on?
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