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Jaw muscles
Location: Raleigh, NC
Registered: 10-02-2010
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I see there has been some discussion on this over the past year. Lately I've been experiencing jaw muscle weakness, ache, and mis-alignment/popping and was wondering if this is attributed to my KD or related to something else I should seek treatment for (TMJ?). The weakness and aching is more prevalent on my left side (as is most of all my weakness/deterioration - I'm 'right-handed') and usually occurs after eating but not always. Sometimes I just start getting a 'blinding' ache on the left side jaw muscle and left temple. Ibruprofen takes care of it pretty well. I'm not looking for a diagnosis just an opinion if this is just another wonderful KD 'limitation' that I'll have to get used to.
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HI Mike,

I have no idea - while I have issues with chewing due to weaken muscles (I presume), I have no pain nor mis-alignment issues. I would suggest seeing an dentist/oral surgeon. They should be able to determine if it is correctable and if it is correctable, it should not really matter what was the cause of it.

My 2cents.

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I had similar problems and switching to a "side sleeper" pillow did the trick for me. My old pillow did not support my jaw. The side sleeper has a non-tampered edge allows you to get your head all the way on top of the pillow. The pillow is also more firm and thicker than a regular pillow so it supports your head in the proper position.

I use two pillows, the other is the old standard I use when on my back reading or watching TV (I use an old standard hospital bed.) The side sleeper is too thick and causes neck pain when used in that position.

You should be able to find the pillow in big department stores - I got mine at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Of course mention the jaw issue on your next dentist checkup so they can test for TMJ or other problem. My doc did notice the reduced musculature due to KD but the jaw was fine. He agreed that a drooping jaw could cause the symptoms.

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For several years my jaw would pop out of joint and I would have severe pain occasionally when this happened. Jaw alignment is still an issue, but infrequently.

I started doing jaw exercises every day and they have built up the muscles and my jaw issues have been resolved. Bob mentions a pillow to support the jaw and I use one also. It seems to help.

I agree with Ed and Bob, check with your dentist for TMJ, but begin to exercise your jaw regularly and use a pillow to support your jaw when sleeping and see if those two don't help.
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