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Picture of Pocatello Jim
Location: Pocatello, ID
Registered: 05-24-2008
Posts: 109
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Good Morning Everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that I recently relocated from Bloomington, IN to Pocatello, ID. (You will also notice that I updated my profile and am no longer using the screen name "Indiana Jim")

I must also tell you how much these forums mean to me. My laptop has been down for a couple of weeks and I will not have it back for a few more. So I have not been able to visit daily (as I usually do) and so have felt very disconnected from you all... even though I have never met any of you personally, I consider you friends and family.

Thank you all.

Pocatello Jim
Location: San Francisco California
Registered: 06-03-2009
Posts: 25
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Hi Jim...

Hope you have completed your move and are happily settled at your new location.

It may be too late to mention now but as I found out a few years ago when I moved to San Francisco, I became extremely stressed out due to the concerns about the scheduling, the packing/unpacking and the overall helpless feeling normally associated with these type of activity.

Before I realized it, I was not only really stressed out but at the same time, physically became the weakest I had ever felt. It took me several months to recover.

Don't know if this is common with us KDrs. Has anyone experienced this??
Location: Michigan
Registered: 08-29-2008
Posts: 58
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Hi Jim,
Hope you are settled in your new home. Best wishes to you and your family! I also try to check the forums daily but I must admit, I don't always manage to accomplish that goal. I agree, even though many of us have not met one another, I believe everyone has made valuable friendships.
Picture of Bruce
Registered: 09-28-2005
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Jim, good to hear from you. I hope everything works out for you and the family in Idaho. I know that being around your extended family will help in many way (mentally, emotionally, and physically).

Have you updated the KDA database since your move (address, phone, email address)? If not, please drop us a line so we can keep the information current.

Reference stress and its impact on strength ... YES. I have noticed it several times. Once, another car hit my car in an airport parking lot. When I got out to exchange information, I was shaking (tremors) and could hardly walk. My neurologist confirms that stress negatively impacts the symptoms and recommended meditation and light exercise to help minimize its impact on the body.
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