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Dullness of Pain?
Registered: 09-07-2009
Posts: 13
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Was wondering if anyone has experience dullness in feeling pain? I've found that over time areas where I usually had intense pain, lower back muscles now seem to barely register previous levels of pain. Still get some muscle cramps but seems that over time the severity gets less and less.
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Registered: 09-28-2005
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Fisher, yes ... that is something I noticed several years ago. Where the cramps use to be intense, they are now rather mild (perhaps just an ache). I also noticed that my sensory nerves in my toes, feet, and hands are not as sensitive.
Location: Michigan
Registered: 03-21-2009
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Like Bruce, I too have noticed a loss of feeling in my feet and hands, and to some degree, in my arms and face. I have not experienced leg or back cramps since pre-onset (1980's). I really only feel pain when I overdo it. That is one of the strange things about KD. We all have similar symptoms, but some of us also exhibit different symptoms, and at different rates.
Registered: 09-07-2009
Posts: 13
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For the longest time if I could sit for more than 25-30 minutes without having to get up and got for a walk. Now I can sit for hours. Use to go to Chiropractor about every two weeks, haven't been to him in year and half. Rather strange not to feel intense pain as I was once accustom too. Anyway one day at a time. Thanks for sharing.
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